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ChatGPT & Midjourney Prompt Generator

HeroGPT is a ChatGPT Prompt Generator, which also works for Midjourney and other generative AI platforms that accept complex prompts.

Published 5 months ago
Links List Maker: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following article explores the many aspects of using a links list maker like Hero, an innovative link-sharing platform.

Published 6 months ago
Share Links & Lists With Anyone: The Ultimate Guide

Share lists of links, and articles in a clean, reader-friendly format that is easy to navigate add images, videos, and other media to supplement your ...

Published 6 months ago
Introduction to Online List Making and Sharing

Welcome to our blog series on online list making and sharing! In this first post, we'll be introducing you to the world of online list makers, list cr...

Published 6 months ago
List Maker App - Wishlists, Save Links & Make Lists Online

Hero is used as a list maker app to make wishlists, bucket lists and save links to your favorite websites.

Published 6 months ago
How to Start a Podcast in 2023: Complete Guide

With the rise of streaming services, podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past several years.

Published 6 months ago
How to Work in Podcasts: Researcher, Editor & Producer Jobs

Do you want to get into the exciting world of podcasting? The podcast industry offers various roles and opportunities, from producer and host to remot...

Published 6 months ago
How to Find Sponsors for a Podcast

We all want to be compensated for our creative works of art, but how do you make money with a podcast? Sponsorships.

Published 7 months ago
Podcast Show Notes: How to Write & Share With Listeners

Podcast show notes are a great way to provide additional information to your listeners and promote your podcast.

Published 7 months ago
Make Lists of Links, Share Lists, Collaborate

With Hero, you can make lists of links, share lists, collaborate and discover new lists and ideas.

Using Hero to Enhance your Podcast

Podcast creators should take advantage of Hero, a social media platform that lets you create pages of lists of links because it allows you to create a...

Best Way to Share a List of Links (Create Shareable Lists)

If you're wondering how to create a list of links, Hero is the best tool for creating, sharing and saving lists. Hero lets you create a list online, a...

Download Hero to Share Lists of Links, on iOS and Android

Hero is available on all mobile devices and tablets. You can make a list of links on your computer, and edit it on your phone!

6 Reasons You Should Share Multiple Links with Hero

Are you looking to share multiple links in one page with one link? Hero is the best app to create lists of links, and it's free!

Podcast Listeners want Links to your Research

Podcast Listeners want to know what you speak about in your podcast. Use Hero to create Hero Spaces, which are lists of links that you can link in the...

Features: How to Easily Share Links & Create Spaces

Hero lets you build Spaces and share links with Friends! A Space is a list of links. Its customizable, shareable, and easy to use!

What Is a Hero Page? How to Share Links with Hero

A hero page is a page that you can use to share lists of links with anyone. You can use it for sharing links, blogs, photos, files and more with your ...

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