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Write a story between 2 friends, friend_1, and friend_b.

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20 Midjourney Prompts for Image Generation

Examples of AI Prompts for Midjourney: Prompt Guide

Create a list of emotions and have the AI generate an image representing each one.

Create a dynamic visual representation of various emotions by generating an image for each, incorporating artistic styles and elements, such as art_style_1, element_1, and mood_1. Additionally, merge the aesthetics of famous artists or video games, like artist_or_game_1 and artist_or_game_2, while using techniques like technique_1 in a setting_1. The emotions to be included are emotion_1, emotion_2, and emotion_3.

Generate images of famous landmarks in a futuristic setting.

Create a vivid depiction of the following famous landmarks, landmark_1 and landmark_2, in a futuristic setting inspired by elements such as art_style_1, art_style_2, and art_style_3. Incorporate features such as feature_1, feature_2, and feature_3 while adding an atmosphere of atmosphere_1 with the use of color_1 and color_2. Embellish the landscape with futuristic elements like technology_1 and technology_2. Remember to capture the essence of the original landmarks while still reinventing them for a new era.

Have the AI create images of animals with unusual color patterns.

Create an artistic compilation of animals featuring unorthodox color patterns. In this unique depiction, you'll find animal_1 with color_1 fur, animal_2 exhibiting a brilliant color_2 coat, and a animal_3 showcasing color_3 feathers. Design this alluring visual in the style of art_style_1, incorporating elements like surreal perspectives reminiscent of M.C. Escher, the atmospheric lighting found in Bloodborne, and the ethereal watercolor techniques akin to matte paintings. Encompass within this masterpiece the cosmic essence of an infinite celestial library, evoking a sense of wonder and awe.

Use famous paintings as inspiration for new AI-generated artwork.

Create AI-generated artwork inspired by famous paintings, incorporating elements such as art_style_1, color_palette, subject_matter, and influenced by artists like artist_1 and artist_2. Envision scenes that combine the aesthetics of setting_1 and setting_2, showcasing features like elaborate object_1 and expressive object_2. Feel free to experiment with unexpected contrasts, such as the ethereal quality of artwork_1, juxtaposed with the bold intensity of artwork_2.

Generate images of everyday objects combined with elements of nature.

Create a visually stunning artwork depicting ordinary objects blended seamlessly with elements of nature, using inspiration from various artistic styles such as style_1, style_2, and style_3. Incorporate details such as emotion_1 atmosphere, technique_1 textures, and imaginative interactions between item_1 and element_1. Feel free to add a touch of surrealism or whimsy, drawing inspiration from worlds such as those found in Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or MC Escher's creations. Experiment with lighting and colors for an otherworldly yet captivating scene, evoking a sense of awe or introspection in the viewer.

Create images of fantasy creatures based on combinations of real animals.

Create a captivating illustration that blends the elements of fantastical creatures with the characteristics of real animals, such as animal_1 and animal_2. The artwork should evoke an atmosphere of mood_1, featuring a scenery inspired by setting_1. Incorporate stylistic influences from art_style_1, art_style_2, and art_style_3, with a focus on the creatures interacting with their environment. Capture the essence of movement by portraying the creatures in an action_1 pose, and enrich the composition with intricate details and textures that emphasize similarities to the combined real animals. Add an intriguing twist through the use of adjective_1 elements or visual effects that make the creatures and the overall image unique and captivating.

Generate images of people wearing fashion from different time periods.

Create an artistic visualization of individuals adorned in attire from various historical eras, incorporating elements such as element_1, element_2, and element_3, while utilizing artistic styles like style_1, style_2, and style_3. Additionally, apply distinctive attributes such as attribute_1, attribute_2, and attribute_3 to emphasize the depth, emotion, and intricacies of each time period showcased through fashion.

Create a series of images representing the four seasons.

Create a visually stunning series of images representing the four seasons, focusing on elements such as element_1, element_2, and element_3. Each image should capture the essence of its respective season, with the following themes:

  • For Spring, incorporate blossoming
flower_type and vibrant color_1 hues.
  • For Summer, capture the warmth and relaxation with
outdoor_activity and golden color_2 tones.
  • For Autumn, emphasize the transition with falling
leaf_type and rich color_3 shades.
  • For Winter, convey the cold beauty using
winter_natural_feature and crisp color_4 colors.

Explore various artistic styles and inspirations, including art_style_1, art_style_2, and art_style_3, to create an original and captivating representation of the four seasons.

Generate images of various types of transportation combined together.

Create a visually stunning scene that combines a variety of transportation methods, featuring a vehicle_1, a vehicle_2, and a vehicle_3. Capture the essence of unique artistic styles, such as art_style_1, art_style_2, and art_style_3, while conveying moods using adjective_1 and adjective_2 tones. Incorporate elements reminiscent of famed creators, like inspiration_1 and inspiration_2, and utilize techniques, such as technique_1 and technique_2, to bring the masterpiece to life.

Create images of underwater cities or civilizations.

Create a visually stunning scene of an underwater city or civilization, incorporating elements such as architectural_style, mythical_creature, and natural_phenomenon. Imagine the cityscape with intricate building_type structures, populated by diverse aquatic_species. Add artistic elements such as painting_technique, color_palette, and art_movement to evoke a unique atmosphere. Consider the influence of games and movies like Bioshock, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Aquaman on your creation. Capture the essence of an underwater realm that blends the borders of reality and fantasy, with a touch of mystery and wonder.

Generate images of different types of weather interacting with landscapes.

Create a visually stunning representation of various weather conditions interacting with diverse landscapes, featuring elements such as weather_1, landscape_1, and art_style_1. Incorporate inspirations from artistic styles and themes like inspiration_1, inspiration_2, and inspiration_3 to achieve a unique blend of aesthetics. For instance, you can explore the celestial beauty of weather_1 blending seamlessly with the enchanting terrain of landscape_1, illuminated by the lighting_style_1 and rendered in the alluring art_style_1. Don't be afraid to delve into the mystical realms of Dark Souls, the enigmatic ambiance of Bloodborne, or the mind-bending perspectives of MC Escher for a truly mesmerizing artistic masterpiece.

Create images of animals in unlikely environments, such as a fish in a desert.

Create a captivating visual scene that showcases various animals, like animal_1 and animal_2, in unexpected environments such as environment_1 and environment_2. Incorporate artistic elements and styles inspired by art_inspiration_1, art_inspiration_2, and art_inspiration_3, as well as striking features such as feature_1, feature_2, and adjective_1 details. Imagine the scene to have dramatic lighting and evoke a feeling of emotion_1 and emotion_2 in the viewer. The masterpiece should be a mixture of surrealism, fantasy, and vibrant color palettes, transporting the viewer to a world where anything is possible.

Generate images of famous movie scenes recreated in a different artistic style.

Create a visually stunning representation of iconic movie scenes using a unique artistic approach, transforming the original imagery into an entirely new experience. Capture the essence of the scenes by incorporating elements like element_1, element_2, and element_3, while experimenting with artistic styles like style_1, style_2, and style_3. Use your creativity to blend these components into a breathtaking fusion of classic cinema and innovative artistry, resulting in visual masterpieces that evoke emotions of nostalgia, astonishment, and admiration.

Create images of mythical creatures in modern-day settings.

Create a captivating illustration of a mythical creature in a modern-day setting, incorporating elements like setting_1, art_style_1, and mood_descriptor. The creature, a creature_type, should be interacting with interaction_object while showcasing unique_trait. Blend the characteristics of and inspirations from inspiration_1 and inspiration_2 to achieve an enigmatic and thought-provoking visual experience.

Generate images of sports played in unusual environments.

Create an artwork depicting "sport" being played in a setting, incorporating elements such as element_1, element_2, and element_3. Use an art_style approach and add a touch of inspiration for a unique twist.

Create images of people interacting with oversized objects.

Create a visually captivating scene illustrating surreal interactions between people and colossal objects, such as object_1, object_2, and object_3. Incorporate artistic elements like art_style_1, art_style_2, and art_style_3. Set the scene in a unique environment such as a location_1 with stunning adjective_1 lighting, and create a sense of wonder by including imaginative elements like element_1, element_2, and element_3. Convey a thought-provoking juxtaposition between the characters and their monumental surroundings to evoke emotions like awe, curiosity, and mystery.

Generate images of food items combined with architectural structures.

Create a visually striking scene depicting a fusion of delectable food items and intricate architectural elements. Imagine structure_1 made of scrumptious food_item_1, or food_item_2 tastefully combined with whimsical structure_2. Let the scene be inspired by the enchanting atmosphere of art_style_1, showcasing an intricate balance between reality and surrealism reminiscent of artists like M.C. Escher or H.R. Giger. The ambiance should be rich, with an ethereal glow, emanating from light_source_1, casting deep shadows and producing a haunting yet inviting mood, evocative of the worlds found in games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The overall aesthetic should feel like a detailed matte painting, with the delicate subtlety of a watercolor masterpiece.

Create images of futuristic technology integrated into nature.

Create a visionary scene of the future, where cutting-edge technology harmoniously coexists with nature's splendor. Imagine a landscape, featuring element_1 and element_2 from the natural world, seamlessly blended with advanced tech_1 and tech_2 systems. Infuse this depiction with artistic inspiration from sources such as art_reference_1, art_reference_2, and art_reference_3, while incorporating artistic styles like style_1, style_2, and style_3. Capture the essence of a vibrant, futuristic environment that celebrates both innovation and the timeless beauty of nature, illuminated by lighting_description and teeming with life.

Generate images of different types of ecosystems combined together.

Generate an artistic fusion of diverse ecosystems, featuring ecosystem_1, ecosystem_2, and ecosystem_3. Envision a scene with harmonious art_style_1, intricate art_style_2, and vivid art_style_3 styles. Bring life to the setting with unique elements like element_1, rotating element_2, and gravity-defying element_3, all illuminated by lighting_style. Create a stunning, surreal masterpiece inspired by the works of inspiration_1, inspiration_2, and inspiration_3.

Create images of people with unique and creative hairstyles.

Design a series of digital artwork showcasing various individuals with distinct and imaginative hairstyles. Incorporate elements like element_1, element_2, and element_3, along with artistic styles such as art_style_1, art_style_2, and art_style_3. Capture the essence of theme_1 and theme_2 while integrating dramatic lighting and captivating visual effects to highlight these innovative hair designs.

How do I save these prompts?

If you've signed up for a free Hero account, you can create Spaces. Then, you can click the bookmark icon to add the prompt item to one of your Spaces!

Can I share a list of prompts?

Yep! When you add prompts to a Space, you can click "Share" to copy the link to your clipboard, and send it to anyone! This way, you can share your list of prompts for anyone to try.

How do I run the prompt in ChatGPT?

There are two ways to run your prompt in ChatGPT:

1. Copy the prompt to your Clipboard

After you click "Run" and fill all the variable fields, click "Copy Prompt", and paste it in ChatGPT.

2. Use the HeroGPT Chrome Extension to Open Prompts in ChatGPT

You can download the free HeroGPT Chrome Extension and click "Run in ChatGPT".
If you want to specify a Chat from your Chat History tab, find the "Chat ID" by clicking on the chat you want, and getting the ID, which is after the "/chat/" part in the URL.
After you copy the ID, click the "Specify Chat ID?" button on the top right, and paste the ID. Now, when you "Open in ChatGPT", it will send the command to your chosen chat!

Do I have to use this page to create prompts?

Not at all, you can use this to try it out. When you create a Space in Hero, and "Add an Item", you can toggle "ChatGPT Prompt?" on the top right of the modal, and your item will work like the demo above.
You will need to download the Chrome Extension mentioned above for the "ChatGPT Prompt" toggle to appear.
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HeroGPT is a ChatGPT Prompt Generator, which also works for Midjourney and other generative AI platforms that accept complex prompts. Save them in unlimited spaces & lists and share them with anyone.
HeroGPT is a feature of the Hero platform that allows you to create and share customizable ChatGPT prompts with variable values. This tool not only enables you to harness the potential of ChatGPT, the cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI, but also makes it easy for you and others to fill in and adapt the prompts to suit your specific needs.
In this article, we will explore various aspects of HeroGPT, including its prompt generator, how to use it for essay writing, and the best prompts to inspire your creativity. We'll also address common issues users may face, such as errors in generating responses, network errors, and what to do when the system is at capacity.

What is the primary function of a ChatGPT prompt generator?

A ChatGPT prompt generator, like the one developed by HeroGPT, serves as a powerful AI tool designed to create engaging, relevant, and contextually accurate prompts for chatbot conversations. By leveraging advanced natural language processing capabilities, it intelligently generates prompts for a more human-like interaction, ensuring users experience smooth and meaningful exchanges with the chatbot.

How can I effectively use a ChatGPT prompt generator to inspire creativity?

Using a ChatGPT prompt generator like HeroGPT can work wonders in inspiring creativity when you're creating lists, ideating topics, or even brainstorming different ideas. To make the most of this powerful AI tool, follow these tips:

1. Start with broad questions

When you begin generating prompts, start with broader and more general questions. This will help the generator understand the overall theme and will provide it with more opportunities to create diverse and inventive ideas.

2. Sharpen your focus gradually

Once you receive responses from the generator, begin to narrow down your focus by asking more specific questions related to your theme. This will allow the generator to provide more targeted suggestions that can better fuel your creativity.

3. Revise and refine suggested prompts

Don't hesitate to edit and modify the generated prompts to fit your needs or to trigger new ideas. Feel free to combine or expand on the suggestions provided by the generator to create your own unique lists or ideas.

4. Use seed words or phrases

By providing the generator with seed words, phrases, or sentences that are relevant to your topic, you'll be guiding the AI in the right direction, ensuring that the generated prompts match your desired theme and spark the creativity you seek.

5. Explore different perspectives

Challenge the generator by providing input from alternative views or angles. This can produce a wider range of prompts, helping you consider every possible aspect of your topic and spurring even greater creativity.

6. Iterate, iterate, iterate

Don't be afraid to experiment with multiple variations of your prompts. The more you engage with the generator, the more refined and creative your final results will become.
By effectively using a ChatGPT prompt generator like HeroGPT, you can elevate your list-making, brainstorming, and creative thinking process. Tap into the power of AI and watch your projects, ideas, and lists thrive with the help of HeroGPT.

What are the key features of a ChatGPT prompt generator?

1. Intuitive User Interface:

An easy-to-use interface that allows users to create and input prompts effectively, enhancing the overall experience and enabling quick interaction with the AI.

2. Customizable Prompts:

The ability to create and tailor prompts based on specific topics, industries, or interests, ensuring relevant and engaging content generation.

3. Contextual Understanding:

A ChatGPT prompt generator is designed to understand context and generate appropriate responses, making it more useful for various applications.

4. Sharing Individual Prompts:

The feature to share individual prompts with others, allowing for collaboration, feedback, or even inspiration for new ideas.

5. Organizing Past Prompts:

A built-in organization system that allows users to save, categorize, and manage previously used prompts. This makes it easy to revisit and modify past prompts or track progress and improvements over time.

6. Multi-domain Adaptability:

The ability of the prompt generator to adapt to different domains, industries, and topics, making it a versatile tool for various content creation purposes.

7. Continuous Learning:

A ChatGPT prompt generator continually learns and improves from user interactions and feedback, leading to better performance and more relevant responses over time.

8. Guided Suggestions:

Some prompt generators offer guided suggestions, providing users with examples or ideas to help them create effective prompts.

What are effective prompts for ChatGPT?

Effective prompts for ChatGPT are clear and concise and provide enough context for the AI to generate a relevant and useful response. Here are some tips for crafting effective prompts:

1. Be specific:

Clearly state the topic or question you want the AI to address. This helps ChatGPT understand your requirements and provide a more focused response.

2. Provide context:

Give background information or context to help the AI better understand the situation or subject matter.

3. Use open-ended questions:

Encourage the AI to provide detailed and elaborate responses by asking open-ended questions rather than simple yes/no questions.

4. Use appropriate keywords:

Including relevant keywords in the prompt can help ChatGPT understand the topic and generate more accurate responses.

5. Opt for a conversational tone:

Writing your prompt in a conversational tone may encourage more engaging and natural responses from the AI.

6. Guide the format:

If you have a specific format in mind, such as a list or step-by-step instructions, mention it in the prompt.

7. Set a scope or limit:

If you need the AI to focus on specific aspects or timeframes, include these details in the prompt.

How do I create a custom prompt for Midjourney AI?

1. Understand the task:

Determine the specific image processing task you want Midjourney AI to perform, such as color enhancement, object removal, or style transfer.

2. Craft your prompt:

Write a clear and concise prompt describing the desired image processing task. Provide relevant context, such as the image style or specific elements you want to be modified.

3. Use appropriate keywords:

Include relevant keywords related to the image processing task, which will help HeroGPT generate a suitable prompt for Midjourney AI.

4. Specify the format:

If you need the prompt to follow a specific format, mention it explicitly. This can help ensure the generated prompt is compatible with Midjourney AI.

5. Generate the prompt:

Use the HeroGPT Prompt Generator to generate a custom prompt based on your input. Review the generated prompt and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it accurately represents your desired image processing task.
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