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Manga Categories & Illustrators
Exploring different manga genres, Discovering new manga illustrators
Shounen Manga
Seinen Manga
Manga Illustrators
Shojo Manga
Josei Manga
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Manga Recommendations
Discovering classic manga, Exploring contemporary popular manga
Classic Manga
Contemporary Popular Manga
Romance Manga
Comedy Manga
Horror Manga
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Manga Lists
Exploring different manga genres, Discovering popular manga series
Classic Manga
Romantic Manga
Horror Manga
Action Manga
Comedy Manga
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Manga Lists Hub
Tracking favourite manga series, Discovering and exploring classic manga
Favourite Manga Series
Classic Manga
Manga by Genre
Manga Illustrators
Unique Art Style Manga
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TV & Movie Tracker
Keeping track of top rated shows and movies, Following currently airing shows
Top Rated TV Shows
Currently Airing Shows
Must Watch Movies
Binge-worthy Series
Upcoming Releases
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Manga Genres Lists
Track favorite Manga by genres, Plan Manga reading list by themes
Classic Manga
Romance Manga
Horror Manga
Action Manga
Mystery Manga
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Manga Organizing
Tracking Favorite Action Manga, Organizing List of Romance Manga
Action Manga
Romantic Manga
Supernatural Manga
Comedy Manga
Most Popular Manga
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Manga Lists
Tracking top rated manga to purchase, Preparing for upcoming manga releases
Top Rated Manga
Upcoming Manga Releases
Classic Manga Collections
Popular Shojo Manga
Must-Read Seinen Manga
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Adventure Travel Planner
Planning adventure activities for trips, Having a list of accommodation options
Adventure Activities
Accommodation Options
Packing Essentials
Local Cuisines to Try
Historical Sites
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Writers Dream
Compiling diverse writing prompts, Listing favourite authors and books for inspiration
Writing Prompts
Literary Magazines
Writing Contests
Favourite Authors
Inspirational Books
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Fashion Inspiration Hub
Exploring trendy street styles, Admiring high fashion from various designers
Trendy Street Styles
High Fashion Couture
Vintage Outfits
Fashion Week Picks
Eco-Friendly Brands
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Kids' Cartoons Vault
Organizing favorite educational cartoons, Shortlisting family-friendly animated series
Educational Cartoons
Family-Friendly Cartoons
Classic Cartoons
Anime for Kids
Cartoons for Toddlers
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Game Highlights
Tracking favorite video games across platforms, Organizing list of PC, Console, and Mobile games
Favorite Games
PC Games
Console Games
Mobile Games
Retro Games
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Travel Planner and Guides
Creating detailed travel itineraries, Building local guides for specific destinations
European Itinerary
Local Guide to Tokyo
Tropical Packing List
Winter Escape in Canada
Local Food Delights in India
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Travel Bucket Lists
Planning international trips, Creating food-focused travel itineraries
European Adventure
Local Foodie Destinations
Outdoor Experiences
Culture and History
Essential Packing List
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Manga Enthusiasts
Organizing must read manga lists, Planning to attend upcoming manga conventions
Must Read Manga
Upcoming Manga Releases
Manga Conventions
Manga Artists
Manga Recommendations
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Manga Favorites
Organizing favorite manga series, Planning to-read lists
Favorite Manga Series
Top Shōnen Manga
Best Shōjo Manga
Classic Manga
Popular Manga Authors
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Diverse Genre Books
Finding new books to read, Organizing reading lists by genre
Historical Fiction
Thriller & Suspense
Romance Novels
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Manga Classic Literature
Keeping track of favorite manga adaptations, Organizing reading lists
Manga Adaptations of Shakespeare
Classic British Literature Manga
American Literature Manga
Greek Mythology Manga
Classic Children's Literature Manga
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Themed Manga Curation
Categorizing manga by genre, Creating manga reading lists
Romance Manga
Action Manga
Fantasy Manga
Horror Manga
Sci-Fi Manga
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Manga Collection Tracker
Keeping track of favourite manga series, Organizing 'to-read' lists
Favourite Manga
To-Read Manga
Completed Manga
Physical Manga Collection
Manga Recommendations
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Movie Night Planning
Planning themed movie nights, Organizing list of snacks and drinks
Comedy Movie Night
Science Fiction Movie Night
Horror Movie Night
Romantic Movie Night
Snacks and Drinks
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Celebrity Fan Pages
Following the news and updates of favorite celebrities, Sharing photos and fun facts about celebrities
Hollywood Actresses
Music Icons
Sports Stars
TV Personalities
Fashion Influencers
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AI Gaming Prompts
Brainstorming AI prompts for different game genres, Collecting inspiration for developing AI powered interactive experiences
Adventure Game Prompts
Puzzle Game Prompts
Strategy Game Prompts
Interactive Experiences Prompts
Sports Game Prompts
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Adventure Trip Planner
Identifying thrilling adventure spots, Collating adventure activity ideas
Adventure Destinations
Activity Ideas
Accommodation Options
Essential Packing List
Food & Cuisine to Try
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Educational Resource Hub
Planning math and science lessons, Curating study guides for history topics
Math Lesson Plans
Science Experiments
History Study Guides
Coding Tutorials
Literature Reading Lists
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Streaming Service Recommendations
Comparing content across different streaming services, Recommending hidden gems on streaming platforms
Platform-specific Reviews
Top-rated Films and Shows
Comparison Lists
Hidden Gems
Personal Favorites
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Foreign Language Learning
Practicing language skills, Sharing language learning resources
Language Learning Resources
Practice Material
Language Challenges
Vocabulary Lists
Grammar Lessons
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Resource Sharing
Sharing educational resources, Discussing resource effectiveness
Educational Tools
Entertainment Items
Subject-specific Resources
Age-appropriate Resources
Discussion on Effectiveness
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DIY Projects
Documenting DIY projects, Inspiring others with DIY ideas
Decor Ideas
Project Documentations
Inspiration Corner
Material Lists
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Manga to Anime Lists
Tracking manga adapted into anime, Discovering popular adaptations
Shonen Manga Adaptations
Shojo Manga Adaptations
Seinen Manga Adaptations
Horror Manga Adaptations
Sci-Fi Manga Adaptations
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Manga Lists
Organizing favorite manga by genre, Keeping track of classic manga
Shōnen Manga
Shōjo Manga
Seinen Manga
Josei Manga
Harem Manga
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Manga Review Lists
Documenting personal manga reviews and impressions, Organizing favorite manga by genre
Must-Read Shōnen Manga
Favorite Romance Manga
Best Horror Manga
Top Seinen Manga
Interesting Isekai Manga
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Manga to Anime Lists
Identifying classic manga that have been adapted into anime, Keeping track of romantic manga adapted into anime
Classic Manga to Anime
Romantic Manga to Anime
Dark Fantasy Manga to Anime
Thriller Manga to Anime
Comedy Manga to Anime
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Tracking toy wishlist, Sharing desired items with friends and family
Desired Toys
Shared Wishlists
Friends' Favourites
Family Suggestions
Most Wanted
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Podcast Episodes
Sharing podcast episodes, Attracting new listeners
Episode List
Top Episodes
New Releases
Genre-specific Episodes
Fan Favourites
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Volunteer Coordination
Managing volunteers, Sharing updates and instructions
Volunteer List
Task Assignments
Shift Schedules
Important Updates
Instruction Manuals
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Travel Bucket List
Planning Dream Destinations, Organizing Adventure Trips
Dream Destinations
Adventure Trips
Cultural Experiences
Culinary Journeys
Relaxing Getaways
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Home Decor Projects
Planning living room decor, Curating kitchen accents
Living Room Decor
Kitchen Accents
Bedroom Ambience
Outdoor Spaces
Home Office Inspiration
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Writer's Portfolio Space
Highlighting published writings, Showcasing client testimonials
Published Articles
Client Testimonials
Blogs and Journals
eBooks and Whitepapers
Copywriting Samples
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Manga Categorizations
Organizing favorite mangas by genre, Creating a must-read list
Romance Mangas
Action Mangas
Fantasy Mangas
Comedy Mangas
Horror Mangas
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Community Ranked Manga
Sharing favorite manga titles, Discovering new manga to read
Top Shonen Mangas
Best Psychological Mangas
Classic Romance Mangas
Notable Seinen Mangas
Popular Isekai Mangas
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Music Playlist Creations
Sharing favorite songs from different genres, Discovering new music through others' playlists
Rock Classics
Jazz Essentials
Hip-Hop Anthems
Pop Hits
Country Favorites
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Manga Must-reads
Creating a list of must-read manga, Sharing recommendations with friends
Classic Manga
Thriller Manga
Romance Manga
Action Manga
Comedy Manga
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Parenting Essentials
List down essential baby items, Planning child-friendly meals
Babies Essentials
Child-Friendly Meals
Fun Learning Activities
Well-Being Practices
Teenage Discussions
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Curriculum Suggestions
Sharing curriculum-related content, Planning lessons
Recommended Content
Subject-wise Suggestions
Age-appropriate Materials
Educational Discussions
Lesson Planning Resources
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Equipment Checklists
Helping participants prepare, Ensuring safety and preparedness
Activity-specific Checklists
Safety Gear
Preparation Guides
Essential Items
Participant Preparation
Use Template
Publishing & Promotion
Discussing publishing platforms, Sharing promotional strategies
Resource Compilation
Experience Sharing
Platform Reviews
Promotional Strategies
Success Stories
Use Template
Educational Learning Hub
Keeping track of favorite online courses, Compiling list of educational platforms
Favorite Online Courses
Recommended Educational Platforms
Useful Webinars
Top Podcasts for Learning
Inspiring TED Talks
Use Template
Home DIY Projects
Planning kitchen improvement tasks, Organizing bathroom upgrade ideas
Kitchen Improvement
Bathroom Upgrades
Outdoor Projects
Living Room Refresh
Bedroom Makeover
Use Template
Manga Recommendations
Sharing favourite manga series, Recommending uncommon or under-the-radar manga
Top Shounen Manga
Classic Manga
Underrated Manga
Seinen Manga
Best Romance Manga
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What is a Hero Page?

A Hero Page is your personalized space on Hero where you can create multiple Spaces to host various types of content like items, blogs, photos, and files. Each Space can further contain lists of items, making it a dynamic and organized platform for sharing content.

What is the difference between a landing page and a Hero Page?

Unlike a static landing page that serves a single purpose, a Hero Page allows you to create multiple Spaces, each with its own lists of items, offering a multi-purpose and interactive experience.

What is the hero section of a page?

In the context of Hero, the hero section can be the first Space on your Hero Page that serves as an introduction or overview of what your page is about.

What makes a good Hero Page?

A well-structured Hero Page utilizes multiple Spaces for different categories of content. Within each Space, you can create lists of items that are rich in media elements like images or videos, all formatted beautifully with Markdown support.

How do you write a Hero Page?

To build a Hero Page, start by creating Spaces that serve as subpages or categories. Within these Spaces, you can create lists and populate them with items that have various elements like titles, Markdown-formatted notes, and multimedia content.

Why is it called a hero section?

The term "hero" is used to emphasize the importance of this section in grabbing attention. In Hero, the first Space can serve this purpose by being the introductory or highlight Space.

What defines a Hero article?

A Hero article could be a detailed item within a Space, rich in Markdown-formatted text, images, and links, providing substantial information or insights.

What are the most important elements of a hero section?

In the context of Hero, the most crucial elements of a hero section, or the first Space, could be a clear title, an engaging introductory note, and a list of featured items that offer a snapshot of the Space.

Are landing pages still a thing?

Yes, but Hero Pages offer a more dynamic and interactive way to share and organize content through Spaces and lists of items.

Is a hero section a landing page?

Not exactly, but the first Space in a Hero Page can serve a similar introductory purpose, complete with its lists of items and shareability features.

What are the elements of a hero section?

In a Hero Page, a hero section or the first Space can include a title, an introductory Markdown-formatted note, and a preview of the lists or items that the Space contains.

What should be included in a hero section of a website?

For a Hero Page, the first Space should ideally have a clear title, an overview note, and a list of featured items that provide an immediate idea of what the Space offers.

How do you write a good hero section?

To create a compelling first Space on your Hero Page, use a clear title, an engaging Markdown-formatted introductory note, and lists of items that showcase the best of what your Space has to offer.

What are Space Templates in Hero?

Space Templates in Hero are pre-defined Spaces that come with preset lists. These templates allow users to immediately start adding items without having to set up the structure themselves.

How do Space Templates enhance the user experience?

Space Templates save time and effort by providing a ready-to-use structure. Users can immediately focus on adding items to the lists, making it easier to get started with content creation on Hero.

Can I customize a Space Template?

Absolutely. While Space Templates provide a pre-defined structure, you still have full control to edit the Space name, List names, and the content of individual items according to your needs.

How do I use a Space Template?

To use a Space Template, you simply select the template that fits your needs. Once selected, the Space along with its pre-defined lists will be added to your Hero Page, and you can start adding items immediately.

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