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A Hero Page can be a simple lists of links, or a community-built oasis of information.

Hero Page Demo Example and Hero Space Example
Hero Page Demo Example and Hero Space Example

Full-Text & AI Powered Search

Instant Search for each Space, and an entire search-engine on your Hero Page!

Sharing your hero link with others lets them immediately suggest items for your lists (no sign up required). To get started, create your hero page and add your first link!

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Share your Hero Page, Lists of Links, Files & Ideas with the world.

A Hero Page is a page that you can use to share lists of links with anyone.

You can use it for sharing links, blogs, photos, files and more with your community, clients or team.

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What is Hero?

Hero is a place to share links and lists of the things you find, create or discover.

Built from the ground-up as a sharing app, you can create and share a list of links, or your entire Hero Page, within 1 minute of signing up.

Build a Space for anything.

Do you host a podcast? Create a Hero Page, and publish unlimited Spaces for each episode, filled with information, references and links to the things you mentioned.

Are you in Real Estate? Share links to your listings in customizable Spaces to send to your clients, colleagues and potential buyers.

Do you just need a place that lets your share a list of links for free? You're in the right place, because Hero is the best place to share lists of links.

Want to share all of your Spaces, instead of just one?

Anyone with the link to your profile can view your Spaces!

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Explore Hero's Tips, Tricks and Feature Deep-Dive

Explore the Power of Sharing Links in Lists with Hero

What is Hero used for?

Hero lets you create Spaces, and share links to the things you find on the internet!

It is free to use, and lets you create an unlimited number of Spaces of the things you love.

Can I share my Space or Profile with someone who doesn't have an account?

Yes! Create your Hero profile, and make your Spaces public. Anyone in the world can see your Spaces and Links!

Share your Profile and your Spaces with a simple web address! Hero lets the world discover your Spaces with ease.

Hero also lets you add friends, and invite them to build Spaces together! Whether you're a group of friends or students, a family or a business that loves to share interesting things, Hero is here to save the day!

Can I clone a Hero Space that was made by someone else?

Of course! If you find a Space that you love, and you want to make it your own, simply Clone the Space, and it will be added to your own Personal Spaces, where you can make changes as you please.

If you have Hero on your device, and you open a shared Hero web address (Space or Profile), the page will open in the app, allowing you to Clone a Space or Save it to your favorites, so you can go back to it later!

Is Hero free?

Yes! Hero is free to use.